#BanThis was founded by two Iranian-American women: Sameen Ahmadnia and Maria Rohani. Sameen is an attorney practicing asylum law in Washington, D.C. Maria works at the intersection of international development and social movements and is based in New York City.

The campaign was made possible by an incredible network of dedicated, passionate people who offered their skills to the cause.

Photographers: Aaron Hedquist, #BanThis Creative Director
Avery Houser
Justin McCallum
Liz Maney
Micaela Fein
Nael Hafeez
Nicki Fietzer
Omar Moinuddin
Sheng Peng
Sidra Fatima
Steve Nettnin
Ty Von Plinsky
Zainab Syeda

Regional Leads: Micaela Fein, #BanThis SF Bay Area Lead
Madeena Rafiq, #BanThis Los Angeles Lead
Shiraz Ahmed, #BanThis Detroit Lead

Graphic Design: Chase Mullins

Website: Katarina Blagojević