Photo: Micaela Fein

Allen L.


36, Web Designer
San Francisco, CA

My maternal family is from Nigeria. When my mom was 11, she decided that she wanted to be a dentist. She wanted to share the same joy that her dentist brought to her. My grandma, widowed at the time, saved up enough money to send her to university in the U.S. When she was 16, my mom ended up moving alone to Maryland to go to university, then dental school. Eight years later, she had me and moved to California. Within the next decade, her two siblings came stateside and eventually so did my grandma.

Why did your family come to the United States? To pursue and achieve the dream of being a black female professional.

What would the U.S. be missing out on if you or your people were banned? Thousands of beautiful smiles, jobs for citizens, refuge for several other immigrants, eight open-minded first-Gen Americans, and a really good cookie baker.