Photo: Avery Houser

Alan B.


28, Graphic Designer
New York, NY

I can say that my journey was not as difficult as it was for my grandfather Don Chon Reynoso who came to the States from Jalostotitlán Mexico, who worked the fields picking onions, lettuce, artichoke and several other vegetables and fruits. Over the years of hard work and saving he became owner of this little marked called Hollister Drive-In Market where he used to work as a butcher. Back in the 70’s he was the only market in the Bay Area what sold Mexican products. My mom told me once he had a truck where he used to go to the fields and pick up the workers so they could go to town and collect their checks, buy groceries, call their family and send money as well. He helped form “La Liga Obrera Baseball League, was a member of Sacred Hear Church, the First recipient of the Mexican American Committee on Education Man Of the Year in 1980. In 1987 he was honored as an exemplary Hispanic citizen with Don Francisco’s show Sabado Gigante and was an honoree in the San Benito Saddle Horse Show as participant in the parade with the Association de Charros Los Amigos. My grandfather passed away November 12, 2009. I am a second generation born in the US. I was born in Gilroy California. Surprisingly I did not grew up here. When I was 5 my parents decided to relocate to Mexico and lived there for 20+ years. I’ve recently relocated to the states in a personal quest to succeed as a graphic designer and so far the experience has been mind opening, I’ve learned more in the past year about culture, ethnicity, religion and now more than ever I believe that all this is what makes not only New York but the rest of the States great. We are strong believers that anything is possible. Hard work always pays off and no matter the circumstances we will always strive if we stick together. Always speak up and protect the rights of those who have less.

Why did your family come to the United States? Better life.

What would the U.S. be missing out on if you or your people were banned? Friends. Good, honest, hardworking people. Our cuisine.