Batara Indra S.

USA - Indonesia

28, Business Consultant at an Indonesian lifestyle brand
Jakarta, Indonesia

I was born and raised in Los Angeles but at the moment live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by my parents’ drive to contribute in community development activities, I decided to move abroad to give my energy in some way in their homeland.

Why did your family come to the United States? My mom initially came to the United States in the early ‘80s to go to grad school. My dad followed her soon after and eventually took graduate courses as well.

What would the U.S. be missing out on if you or your people were banned? For more than 10 years, my mom has sorted and processed everyone’s mail for the United States Postal Service. She struggled for a few years to find something stable as an unemployed middle-aged professional after putting in 20 years at the Indonesian bank she helped set up in Los Angeles and saw close down due to the ’98 Asian Financial Crisis. Both my mom and dad have given almost 30 years of their lives to community outreach and awareness on Indonesian culture in Los Angeles through their food, artwork and dances. They have also organized with their fellow muslims to address issues affecting our people in various Southern California communities.