Photo: Zainab Syeda

Anum A.


24, Account Manager/Radio Host
Orange County, CA

My mother’s family immigrated to the US from Pakistan in 1983. The journey lasted at least five years, with my oldest uncle immigrating in order to find a job that would suit his desire to be the best engineer. In time, he had created a solid foundation to allow for his family to start the process of immigrating here. Their move to the US, with a family of over 20 people was a daunting task and I’m so proud and lucky to have been a product of the journey. My father immigrated to the US in 1988 - the year he married my mother. He spent his life in the Pakistani Naval Forces, traveling the world and ended up settling in California after marrying my mother. Countries are made great by the people who work hard to create, whether the creation is in the form of a lasting neighborly friendship or a high-rise that serves to fuel the economy. The people who immigrate to this country, do so for a reason and in that, they make the US great.

Why did your family come to the United States? My family believed in the concept of the American Dream. They wanted to provide a better future for their kids.

What would the U.S. be missing out on if you or your people were banned? If I were banned from the US, you would be missing out on the important art commentary featured on Anum in the AM (shameless plug!). Apart from that, the US would have no one take out egregious loans on behalf of education. This country would also have no sass, style, or wit to take it through its happiest and most strenuous times. So, you're welcome!